Water Treatment & Recycling

Detection of Water Contamination

Fast detection of toxic substances

Exploding numbers of synthesised compounds have led to new challenges in environment assessment during the last few decades. In addition to soil and air monitoring, the analysis of water quality has become a fundamental task. Although chemical and physical procedures for toxicity detection have improved, the use of biological systems is inevitable. Here, model organisms act as reliable indicators for harmful agents, e.g. toxins.

Toxicity tests are mainly based on the survival of organisms in the presence of test material. Static tests permanently expose the organisms to a series of dilutions over 24 or 48 hours. Dynamic tests, on the other hand, shorten the test procedure and allow continuous monitoring. The registration of complex behaviour further reduces the response time for alarm evaluation. Automatic unmanned surveillance is achieved by use of the unique bbe alarm software.


NARWHAL automates time-consuming lab-based tests for an array of water quality applications. Setting up is simple, and the 7” intuitive touch screen allows for easy customization and data monitoring – including real-time indication of process conditions. With faster turnaround, higher testing volume, and increased precision and reproducibility, It makes a splash both in reducing human error and increasing productivity in the lab.

It is designed to perform fully automated colorimetric measurements and deliver the product of the chemical reaction to an analysis cell in a process setting. The system first retrieves a known volume of sample from a stream and mixes it with up to three reagents in succession. After each reagent addition, a mixing cycle is performed followed by a variable reaction delay. Once the reagent addition process is complete, the final solution is transported to measurement cell where the compound of interest can be determined via an absorbance measurement. It is designed to be mounted near the pipeline containing the sample of interest which is retrieved from the pipeline via a fast loop. It also utilizes a grab sample chamber to make analyzing small sample volumes quick and easy.

Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment

We understand your challenges and recognize the opportunities of creating sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment and ensuring plants meet effluent discharge permits.

Products and services for wastewater treatment applications:

  1. Water, wastewater & sludge treatment solutions for virtually any influent condition.
  2. Energy efficient, fully-customizable filtration systems and filters.
  3. Flotation technology for water and wastewater treatment.
  4. Headworks Equipment, Systems and Deployment Services - Protect wastewater systems from abrasion and clogging.
  5. Reduce operating costs & maintain efficiency with a longer lasting membrane etc.

Safely recover wastewater for reuse or discharge

As your business partner, we will help by providing wastewater systems & solutions to meet ever increasing environmental, regulatory, and financial pressures.

With water treatment technologies you can :

  1. Leverage a complete set of solutions (chemical, equipment, and services) from one provider
  2. Contribute to a sustainable water supply that reduces discharge by increasing reuse opportunities
  3. Reduce energy consumption and footprint with innovative membrane solutions
  4. Treat and clean severely impaired water
  5. Improve uptime while reducing maintenance time and costs
  6. Ensure plant meets effluent discharge permits by monitoring TOC


Secure Water Intake Protection

The intake securing solutions are developed for areas where the water intake is from an open body of water and the risk of floating materials or floating oil is present.  Usually in oil spill areas, light oil substances float and heavier oil particles settle to the bottom sediment. In time these lighter oil substances can float long distances until the oil finally turns into emulsion. In this phase, the emulsion can settle down to the bottom and cause a significant risk to the water inlet.

Our inlet securing solutions provide unique security for water inlets against other impurities as well. Floating natural organic materials, chemicals and trash can be kept away from the inlet area with our efficient solution.

Lamor offers three different solutions for protecting the water intake: security boom, permanent boom, and offshore boom. A suitable solution will be chosen together with the client and manufactured locally if possible. We have a wide network of co-operation partners and the capability to manufacture our products locally on many continents.


Containerized wastewater treatment plants

We offer containerized wastewater solutions for remote locations. The MBR-technology used in these containers has a minimal footprint and the effluent water is treated accordingly. The solution is optimal for offshore usage, remote villages and for ports. 

Waste water container

Peroxide Solutions

peroxide technology can be used in multiple areas such as:

- Toxic gas removal from waste waters (H2S, NH3)

- Disinfection solutions

1) Effluent disinfection

2) Legionella removal

- Biofilm removal solutions

- Difficult microbiological removal solutions

The automated peroxide system monitors the water quality online so the optimum amount of chemicals are fed to the water stream even if the quality of water varies. The common problem with feeding systems is that the flow-based feeding ratio is not optimal when the quality of the water varies so the chemical consumption is high.

UV/Peroxide Solutions

UV/Peroxide solution is developed for minimizing the costs of UV-treatment. This technology combines the best capabilities of traditional UV-treatment and peroxide disinfection. By combining these two technologies we can provide minimal electricity usage, always clean UV-lamps with the most efficient disinfection results.


Drilling Cuts

Oil will be removed from drilling cuts with a unique two-phase flotation technology and the collected oil can usually be used in incinerators. The process will be tailored according to each case and typically consists of pH neutralization, heavy metal removal, flotation and membrane technology for salt removal.


Cooling Towers

Lime scaling is a well-known problem in heat exchangers.  We offer a chemical-free option for the scaling problem, replacing conventional chemical dosing systems.

Chemical-free descaling combined with legionella removal technology will provide a sustainable and cost-effective method for cooling tower needs.

20191216_cooling tower

Leather & Fabric Dying Industry

In the fabric industry, dying creates a multi-metal waste stream that needs to be treated before the process water can be discharged. Our business partners have years of experience from treating multi-metal waters from pickling plants and from the fabric industry. We offer full-scale flow-thru process systems with sludge presses together with plant optimization.

In cases where the customer’s existing treatment process doesn’t fully fill the need optimization services combined with automation technologies can provide a significant increase in purification efficiency.

Fish Farming Water Treatment Applications

Fish farming industry has a high demand on reverse osmosis technologies. The parasite problem can be eliminated with environmental friendly method by using salt free water.

The waters from fish processing industry contain usually variable amounts of greases, oils and other organic impurities. Cost-effective system to treat these waters with two-phase coagulation and electroflotation can be provided. The electroflotation uses a minimal amount of electricity and no added water is needed. The traditional flotation uses freshwater for dispersing water production but in the electroflotation process, the nanosize bubbles are generated with electricity.

The extracted sludge can be treated in a separate sludge drying unit which prepares the biomass to the composting process.



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