Industrial Equipment

We provide electronic instrumentation for a wide range of industrial and environmental applications, including water filtration & treatment, environmental monitoring, dairies, breweries and pulp and paper mills. Made from high-quality electronic components, these instruments are designed to be rugged, dependable and easily serviced on site. The 316 stainless sensors are made to resist chemical damage and ensure long life. We offer a variety of options, including NEMA 4X electronics enclosures that can be wall or panel mounted, submersible sensors, and pipe insertion assemblies.We provide an array of industrial equipments, consumables and services for the following industries and domains:

Industrial / Residential Civil Infrastructures

Offering a range of prefabricated solutions for housing, offices, industrial amenities, sanitation, portable cabins and premium living,


Water treatment and recycling, Solid Waste management, E-waste management, E-waste collections

Industrial Floor Cleaning Solutions to increase our commitment towards safe workplace, with a wide range of floor care solutions which adds to Cleanliness, Healthiness and Happiness at workplace. 

Oil & Gas Industry

ETP, STP, Waste Management, Oil Spill Response, Portable Water Marker- RO based, Desalination, Water Monitoring- Toxins & Algae

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Industrial waste water treatment and recycling, ETP, STP