Civil Infrastructure

Key Benefits: 

High speed construction, Quality of offerings, Reliability of service, Convenient installation in the toughest of locations across India, Modern Construction solutions, Hassle-free customer experience.

A light gauge steel frame construction solution, suitable for building academic institutional structures like schools and hostels, plant offices, residential buildings, as well as other industrial amenities, community centers, mass housing, cafeterias and more. Hassle-free, sturdy and of high quality, these buildings are constructed in almost one-third the time it takes for conventional construction, provide more usable space and are suited for construction in difficult terrains as well.

Easily transportable cabins are a steel-based portable cabin solution, which aims to make living spaces easy-to-install & highly mobile. This series consists of a range of portable cabins that can be customized as per the customer’s needs. High-quality interior furnishing makes these cabins convenient & comfortable in any terrain. These cabins are most commonly used as workspaces in off-route locations of manufacturing, mining & construction companies. They also serve as effective housing & sanitation solutions where the need arises.

Studios, a range of premium prefabricated living solutions, enables you to create a premium living or working space with well designed structure. It ensures maximum comfort and hassle-free installation, providing interiors and exteriors with a premium finish. These are a perfect and rapid solution to build an office space, personal gym, etc. on your rooftop or a guesthouse on your backyard/farmland. It can be used to build resort cottages, conference rooms and even commercial kiosks.

An aesthetic canopy structure made with high-quality tensile fabric, these can be used for a variety of applications, for retail and commercial purposes. Tensile structures are created by pressuring or tensioning a membrane and fashioning structures out of them. Due to the high pressure applied, the fabric behaves like a solid structure that resists rain, snow or prolonged exposure to the sun.


Effective management and treatment of the large number of prospects and patients affected by the virus in order to aid speedy recovery and contain the spread is an important aspect that needs to be tackled to contain any pandemic situation. This required major enhancement of healthcare infrastructure including Hospitals,
Medical Clinics, Isolation Rooms, Toilets, etc. Customized Container Toilets and Isolation Chambers are a major application of the Portable Cabins. Portable toilets, bunker modular chambers are commonly supplied to industrial and construction sites, are highly relevant today as temporary sanitation units at isolation facilities.


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